10 Top ODM & OEM sweater factory in the USA

jacquard knit sweater
We have found 10 excellent United States knitwear factories and manufacturer for you and provided you with the best suggestions. Start your knitwear collection!

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USA knitwear factories are renowned for maintaining high-quality standards,These factories often prioritize innovation and design, collaborating with fashion designers and staying abreast of industry trends.This flexibility allows for the creation of tailored designs, custom sizing, and unique knit patterns, meeting the specific custom requirements of brand and clients.

In this blog post, we will introduce you to the 10 best sweater manufacturers in the United States. Whether you are a well-known brand or looking for a knitwear SEM factory, these companies offer a range of customized services to help you with your own knitwear clothing line & brand.

Simply Knitting Mills is a knitting factory located in Queens, New York, established in 1993. This is a full-service knitting factory located in New York including ODM&OEM. With years of experience and knitting expertise. Utilizing the latest technology and craftsmanship to produce a variety of knitted products including sweaters, blankets, scarves, etc.

Evolution Knitwear is located in beautiful southeastern Washington. Their experience in knitwear allows them to create a variety of knitted garments, designs and colorways, and their minimum order quantities can be scaled from small to large production requirements. An incredible opportunity for low-volume private label brands,

This is an on-demand knitwear factory located in Brooklyn, New York. Tailored Industry has one-stop customized knitwear services including customized women’s clothing, men’s clothing, and accessories styles. Providing the highest quality, durability, comfort and functionality for your knitwear brand.

This is a knitwear manufacturer established in 1991. Ball of Cotton Inc. is located in Commerce City. It has more than 30 years of experience in custom knitwear apparel and is committed to customizing high-quality knitwear manufacturers. It not only has high-end quality knitwear customization, but also provides various styles, colors and patterns for your own brand to meet market demand.

5) DALE (dale of norway)

Dale of Scotland is a knitwear all-in-one clothing company known for its beautifully designed and technically bespoke clothing. The company was founded in 1879; Additionally, it had the honor of being selected as the official sweater for the U.S. Olympic Team during the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Games.

Oliver Charles is a 3D knitwear integrated clothing company located in New York. This method of making knitted garments relies on the world’s most advanced computerized knitting machines; it’s an inexpensive way to produce high-volume products that print entire knitwear seamlessly. Very suitable for mass customization.

This is a knitted clothing trade manufacturer with rich experience in knitwear customization. Offering a variety of knitwear styles, colors and patterns to meet the needs of start-up brands & design brands. Very rich experience in sample production and mass production.

Bilyana Knitwear is located in southwestern Bulgaria. Founded in 2012. The company produces knitwear made from 100% lambswool spun in Scotland, Italian merino blends, 100% Italian cashmere, Egyptian cotton and cotton blends sourced from European spinners.

EVOLUTION ST is high-tech knitting factory focused on revitalizing the American knitting manufacturing industry. So if you’re an emerging designer or a growing business, EVOLUTION ST is the perfect choice for you. They provide the best manufacturing services to startups or growing fashion brands looking to scale up and produce small and high-volume orders with a reliable manufacturing partner.

jacquard knit sweater

DGJIAYAN was established in 1994. As a family-owned enterprise, this establishment excels in crafting top-tier sweaters, catering to a broad spectrum that includes men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel. Committed to pioneering approaches, the factory consistently allocates resources to adopt state-of-the- art production methods, all while placing a premium on energy conservation. Embark on a journey through our knitwear manufacturing facility, where you can witness the entire knitwear fabrication process, from the exactitude of machine stitching to the intricate handcrafted embellishments. Here, the synergy of mechanized precision and bespoke artistry seamlessly converges to masterfully bring forth intricately designed garments.

How to find suit myself knitwear factory & manufacturer in USA?

Consider the following methods to find reliable knitwear manufacturers & factories in the United States:

  1. Online Research: Use search engines to research knitwear manufacturers & factories in the United States. Focus your search on manufacturer catalogs or marketplaces.Trade associations: Trade groups such as American Apparel may have lists of reputable suppliers.
  2. Trade Shows: Visit a knitwear trade show to meet knitwear manufacturers & suppliers, inspect their products, and ask questions. You can also connect with other buyers and exchange information about suppliers.
  3. Video social media: You can find relevant videos about knitwear customization on TikTok & YouTube and other platforms, contact them to obtain and solve related problems.
  4. Linkedi: You can find various knitwear manufacturers. There are many knitwear manufacturers on Linkedi. You can request product pictures & samples similar to yours from them. Find the best knitwear factory for your knitwear collection with ease

How should you choose the most suitable knitwear factory & manufacturer for you?

There are several important factors to consider when looking for a knitwear factory in the United States:

  • Quality: Always ensure your preferred factories & manufacturers provide high quality knitwear that meets your standards. In addition, they should complete your knitwear series according to your customized requirements, and have excellent custom processes, such as Printed, jacquard, embroidered, Intarsia and other knitwear custom technical, and provide good customer service.
  • Pricing: Pricing is crucial when it comes to custom knitwear. Look for manufacturers that offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality.
  • Product Range: Make sure the manufacturer you choose offers a wide range of knitwear styles to choose from, whether for men or women, in a variety of sizes and colors.
  • Shipping and Delivery: Consider the factory’s shipping and delivery times and its shipping policy. Your ideal supplier should offer fast, reliable shipping and a flexible return policy.
hat are the advantages of USA Knitwear Factory?

Compared with overseas counterparts, working with USA knitwear factories has the following advantages:

  • Faster Shipping: USA typically ships orders within its geographic area faster than overseas factories. This is especially useful if you need to customize quickly.
  • Reduced Shipping Costs: Shipping costs can be much lower when working with American knitwear factories. Factors such as customs fees, taxes, and longer shipping times can make overseas shipping more expensive.
  • Better Communication: Working with a US knitwear factory can make communication easier as language barriers or time zone differences are not an issue.
  • Greater Flexibility: Most U.S. knitwear factories may be willing to work with you on custom orders, small order quantities, and other special requests.
  • Higher Quality Standards: U.S. knitwear factories often have higher quality standards than overseas suppliers.

You're ready to start your start-up knitwear clothing line

Now that you know how to find the right knitwear factory, where to find them, and how to choose the right knitwear, you should be better able to start your knitwear apparel business.

Although this is a highly competitive market, there are still many opportunities to capitalize on new trends and ideas and build your knitwear clothing line. If you have more ideas and the drive to bring them to life, there is no reason to start your own knitwear clothing line.

I hope these 10 USA knitwear factories can be helpful to you. If you have any questions or any other suggestions about working with a knitwear manufacturer, please leave a comment below.

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jacquard knit sweater
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10 Top ODM & OEM sweater factory in the USA

We have found 10 excellent United States knitwear factories and manufacturer for you and provided you with the best suggestions. Start your knitwear collection!

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