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We are jiayan-a luxury, Dongguan, China-based knitwear manufacturer. We strive to deliver the purest knitwear experience, our factory produces the highest quality sweaters, and our customers are 100% satisfied with the quality of the sweaters.

We trawl the country and even the world in search of the most prestigious spinners to ensure every piece of jiayan is crafted from the most luxurious materials. We will also travel to Italy for extra-fine merino wool-then to Peru for a chunkier version – India and Egypt for premium cotton, South America for ultra warm, soft Alpaca and the British Isles for its famed wool and lambswool.

We take these yarns and made them into stylish, functional sweaters that are made to last.

Our History

In 1994, jiayan Knitting Factory was opened in Dongguan City, and exported china made knitwear to some of the most famous shopping destinations in the world. In 2006, it has more than 40 computer-controlled flat knitting macines with advanced technology, and has an annual production capacity of 800000 of sweaters.Since then, we as a family have worked to develop jiayan into the strong, confident factory it is today.

Our Ethos

Our twenty years of knowledge, skill and craftsmanship combine seamlessly with the latest machinery and traditional manufacturing techniques, meaning we can design and fashion exclusively crafted knitwear, for a price that’s fair. Moreover, our sweaters are high in quality, thus solving the sweater Time of use.

Our Designs

Our collections make the everyday extraordinary. We craft timeless classics and wardrobe staples from the organic cotton, ethically sourced cashmere, merino wool and Lambswool with each piece sweater a faultless combination of form and function. We champion ethically sourced products and the wonders of China design and manufacturing in equal measure.

Our Yarns

At jiayan we use ethically sourced cashmere yarn and 100% natural yarns, traceable viscose, recycled yarn, of course we also use some blended yarns. The sweater made by jiayan Knitted Factory thermoregulating properties, sustainable, beautiful in colour and handle but most importantly of all, really comfortable to wear.

Our Factory

We knit, sew, wash, steam and press over 90 percent of our products in our own factories. This means that we are in control of the entire process, with no middlemen. Our yarns are spun by our carefully handpicked spinners, crafted by our teams all across the world, then delivered directly to our customers. By working in this methodical pattern, we can be sure of the integrity of our sweater and keep our prices fair and just for the quality of the materials used. The most important thing is to exclude For some unavoidable natural factors, we fully control the delivery date of the product.

Our Vision

We serve our customers 100%, and treat each customer with a professional and patient attitude.Committed to 100% satisfaction of every customer.

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