The Current Situation Of China Sweater Factory During Coronavirus

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China Sweater Factory During Coronavirus

1.Latest statistics on coronavirus in worldwide

Latest statistics on coronavirus in worldwide

2.The Current Situation Of China Sweater Factory During Coronavirus

China may have been called the “world factory” and is the world’s largest exporter of textiles, with an export value of approximately US$118 billion in 2018.

Due to the severe form of the coronavirus in the first half of 2020, many sweater manufacturers in China did not resume normal operations.The supply chain of industries related to China was forced to be interrupted, and clothing processing factories across Asia have generally been temporarily closed and layoffs.

International brands such as Uniqlo and Adidas have an extensive supplier network and may move production outside of China to fill the current production gap in China, the world’s largest clothing and textile manufacturer. Earlier, Turkish officials said that due to the impact of the novel coronavirus in China, many fashion retailers will forward their production orders to Turkish producers.

In summary, the coronavirus has forced China’s supply of raw materials to foreign countries to be interrupted, and some large retail companies have begun to look for other sweater suppliers.

However, in the second half of the year, Chinese sweater manufacturers gradually returned to normal, repaired the previous vacancies, and put Chinese sweater suppliers on the right track again.

In December 2020, many sweater factories received a large number of orders, and delivery is expected in January-February 2021.

Everything is moving in a good direction. Let us work together to defeat the coronavirus.

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