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Cashmere yarn is divided in accordance with the production process:Woolen yarn, worsted yarn and semi-worsted yarn.

  • Woollen yarn is relatively thick and its count is relatively low, generally from 14S to 32S.
  • Semi-worsted yarn is relatively thin, and its count is relatively high, generally from 24S to 60S.
  • Worsted yarn is the finest, counted The number is also relatively high, generally from 28S to 120S.

The cashmere yarn we commonly use for crocheting belongs to woollen yarn. Ordinary cashmere sweaters also use woollen yarn. In spring and summer ultra-thin cashmere fashions, t-shirts and cashmere underwear generally use worsted cashmere yarn. Semi-worsted cashmere yarn is New products developed in recent years are being accepted and tried by knitting factories, and the effect is also good.

The difference between cashmere knitting yarn and cashmere crocheted yarn:
Cashmere knitting yarn is mainly used for flat knitting, including woolen yarn, worsted yarn and semi-worsted yarn. Used for 3 needles, 5 needles, 7 needles, 9 needles, 12 needles, 14 needles, 16 needles, 18 needles Knitting of sweaters. Cashmere crocheted yarn is mainly used for manual crocheting, mainly woolen yarn, but also multi-stranded worsted yarn and semi-worsted yarn. The production equipment and technology are different from cashmere knitting yarn.

Cashmere yarn is divided into:
100% cashmere yarn and cashmere blended yarn, yarns with cashmere content below 95% are all classified as cashmere blended yarn. Currently, the raw materials that can be blended with cashmere are spun silk, cotton, wool, milk protein fiber and soybean fiber. Yarn factories will add more yarn varieties according to market demand.

Cashmere yarn is the direct raw material of cashmere sweaters. The quality of cashmere sweaters directly depends on the quality of cashmere yarn. Appropriate strength and twist and uniform yarn evenness, as well as the length and fineness of the selected material (cashmere raw material) determine The quality grade of cashmere yarn. Different grades determine different prices, so consumers or knitting factories must start from their own needs when buying cashmere yarn, distinguish carefully, and do not blindly pursue cheap prices. Inferior and inexpensive cashmere yarn is made The cashmere sweaters will have serious pilling and shed hair, which seriously shortens the service life of the cashmere sweaters. After careful calculation, it is really better to spend a little more money to buy those genuine cashmere sweaters instead of spending wrong money on these cheap cashmere sweaters. Good quality cashmere sweaters can be worn for more than 10 years if they are properly maintained! It is concluded that the choice of cashmere yarn is very important! But the key is that you know how to distinguish. If you are not sure, I suggest you go to an authority for testing. Although a certain amount of testing costs will be incurred, it does give you peace of mind.

According to the difference of yarn dyeing and finishing and post-processing, it can be divided into:white yarn, bleached yarn, dyed yarn, burnt yarn, mercerized yarn and so on.

According to the yarn count, it can be divided into: coarse yarn, medium yarn, fine yarn and high yarn.

Yarn count refers to the thickness of the yarn, usually represented by the English letter S. For example, the length of 1 pound of yarn is 21×840 yards, and its fineness is 21, which is expressed as 21S.


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