Explore The Sweaters Creations With Dgjiayan All Over Sweater Intarsia.

At our knitted sweater factory, we have the art of advanced intarsia knitting Sweater. We understand that this technique is not just about creating a pattern but about crafting an new knitwear collection for the Brand. Our expert knitters use specialized intarsia machines to ensure each sweater is a testament to the seamless beauty of this knitting method.

Custom knitwear intarsia equipment and services

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Dgjiayan also provides you with the best intarsia knitting services. Being in the custom sweater knitwear industry for over a decade has allowed us to master a variety of printing methods used to transfer designs onto sweater knitwear.

Intarsia knitting Technical

The pattern woven by the intarsia process feels like it is integrated with the knitted fabric. The effect is natural and clean, and the knitted fabric has a stronger integrity. Intarsia technology is when weaving yarn, weaving a color block with the same color yarn, and then splicing multiple color blocks in the longitudinal direction to create a pattern. Although it looks simple, the intarsia technology is also Special equipment is required to achieve this.

How to Order Your Custom Intarsia Sweater

Ordering your customized intarsia sweater is simple. Visit our website, contact us, and choose your preferred size and yarn. Our customer service team is always on hand to assist you through the custom process. 

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