custom printed sweaters

Custom printed sweaters allow you to print your own patterns, LOGOs and other designs on the knitted sweaters, and we will meet your printed requirements. Plus, from choosing yarn type and color to selecting patterns and styles, you can create the perfect custom printed sweater to add to your knitwear Clothing Collection.

Custom Printed Sweater craft

DGJIAYAN - personalized custom Printed sweater

At Dgjiayan you can choose the best printed method for your sweater. We offer a wide range of fully customizable printed sweaters, produced using high quality knitting yarn and the highest production standards.

Whether you are looking for fashionable China sweater manufacturers or looking for custom printed sweaters, Dgjiayan has everything you need.

What your custom Printed Sweaters could look like.

Custom sweater printed emerges as a unique and effective way to not only enhance your brand’s visibility but also to offer a touch of comfort and style.

How to create custom Printed Sweater


choose a Sweater

Choose from a variety of Sweater styles, sizes, and colors,Plus,Custom logo and label service for your Brand sweaters.


add your design

Upload your printed design, We will complete the production of samples under the premise of quality control, and we promise that we will produce high-quality products in every cooperation.


Start custom

The goal is to create a design that is not only visually appealing but also feasible to print and enduring in quality.

Start custom your own brand printed sweaters and knitwear!

Frequently Asked Questions

Dgjiayan sweater customization factory, you can upload your design and tell us, we will choose the best sweater printing process for your design!

The price of a custom printed sweater depends on a number of different factors: the style of sweatshirt you order, the number of printed locations, the printed method, and the number of printed colors. Plus, there are volume discounts based on the number of sweaters you order.

We are a sweater factory that provides one-stop custom services. Plus, no matter you have any questions about knitwear, you can Contact Us and we will answer it for you.

We don’thave any order minimums, You can customize just one piece for yourself or multiple pieces. We ofer buk order discounts for orders of 50 items or more

Dgjiayan offers a wide range of custom knitwear sweater options. From brand and private label to a selection of advanced printed technologies and customizable fabric attributes such as style, weight and type, we offer a unique collection of knitwear designed to meet your branding needs.

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