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We are a knitwear manufacturer based in the china who want those dreams to become that much closer.

Being in the fashion industry since 1994, we know how difficult it can be to start your own brand and to source the right product range you’ve always wanted to show the world.

knitwear manufacturers

But were here to help.

Whether it’s something for men, women, children, a home or even pets we can make it happen…

Send your designs, or come and visit our showroom and choose or personalise our white label collections.

Create your specifications, colour, sizing and style or feel free to use our finished developments.

Once your happy then we’ll turn paper into product and see your style come to life.

Sound simple?

Because that’s how we want to make it.

Original has always been the pioneer of fashion. we as a manufacturer want to support designers like you to keep setting trends across the world.

We have always prided ourselves on presenting a designer’s ideas perfectly, especially when one wants to play with great success.

Send your design, our professional team will give suggestions for your design, craftsmanship, yarn, stitch count, material, everything in order to better show your ideas.

Keep up the good work and...
We look forward to see you soon.

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