Custom Printed Jumper

How to use Printed on Jumper?

Printed is a process of decorating knits and fabrics in which ink is diffused onto the surface of the knitted fabric. Printed machinery will be used throughout the process to provide appropriate time, heat and pressure. The ink will penetrate into the printed platen through the texture gaps of the jumper. Therefore, in actual operation, every time we print a jumper, we need Wipe the printed plate once, and then paste a piece of jumper for printed.

You can ask our factory to provide Printed services for your Jumpers, including but not limited to knitted Hoodies, knitted T-shirts, knitted polo shirts, knitted Christmas Jumpers, knitted hoodies, knitted pants, knitted shorts, knitted skirts, etc.

Custom printed jumper service providers are very scarce and expensive in today’s market, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose the best Custom printed jumper service. If you are looking for a Jumper maker that can provide you with a large range of Custom Printed Jumper, then at Dgjiayan Jumper Maker. No matter how complex or elaborate your requirements are, our professional team is ready to assist you and offer below-market custom service prices.

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