custom jacquard knit sweater

What is jacquard Knit sweater

Jacquard Knit Sweater is a knitting method in which warp yarns or weft yarns float or interweave on the surface of the fabric according to regular requirements to form patterns or patterns. It is called jacquard. Knit sweaters with jacquard technology are called jacquard addition, since the pattern is woven into the knit sweater, compared with printed sweaters, jacquard sweaters are more durable, and not easy to fade and wear.

If you are a creative person and have a good sense of fashion, you can create your own knitwear brand by selling jacquard sweaters and jacquard knitwear online.

Jacquard knit sweater

Choosing the right knit sweater manufacturer for your jacquard knit sweaters can significantly impact the success of your branded knit sweaters business. One of the main advantages is that you can create a unique and eye-catching design with your jacquard knit sweater that stands out from the competition. It can significantly help increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Various Jacquard sweater style

We also have a variety of knitwear brand custom services, such as knit Polo shirts with jacquard sweater craftsmanship, knit Hoodies, knit T-shirts, knit Christmas sweaters, etc.

Free design

We have 360+ knitted sweater design and customization experience. We help many knitted sweater brands to develop new knitted sweater design and production.

Jacquard pattern custom design

Whether it’s an intricate jacquard pattern, a vibrant display of colour or a specific branding element, we work closely with our customers to create a personalised jacquard that echoes their brand image.

Jacquard Sweater Sample & Bulk

Once the Jacquard sweater design is finalized, we will create a sample for you to review and approve the quality before proceeding with bulk production. We will provide pictures and video updates throughout the entire process.


Frequently Asked Questions

I will list three frequently asked questions about jacquard sweaters. If you have other questions about jacquard sweaters, you can contact us.

Jacquard sweaters vary greatly in price from regular sweaters. It depends on the quantity you order, the yarn material, the number of jacquard colors (the more yarn colors a jacquard sweater uses, the more difficult it is to make), and the type of sweater. There is no exact price. Please contact us for custom jacquard sweater prices!

There are many types of knitted clothing that can be customized, including knitted hoodies, knitted T-shirts, knitted polo shirts, knitted cardigans, knitted dresses, knitted Christmas sweaters, etc.; accessories knit beanies, etc. All can be designed with jacquard.

We have a custom team for perfect jacquard sweater design. You are free to develop your design style, and you can also improve or make jacquard designs & knitted clothes styles that meet your goals.

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