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Dgjiayan offers one-stop custom jumper services to bring your design becomes reality and grow your jumper brand.

As A knitwear manufacturers, Our advantage?

1. MOQ: 50 pcs per knitwear design

2. Capable custom of 1.5gg to 18gg knit jumper production & knitwear

3. Free custom samples

4. Dropshipping Services

5. Have rich experience in knitwear clothing custom!

6. From yarn, fabric, and trims to everything needed for our various kint products

How Can We Help Designs For Custom knitwear

500+ various knitwear styles designed by our designers. The design library is updated daily with the hottest designs. Save your design fees and custom higher quality knitwear. all designs can be custom!

We’re not just knitwear manufacturers, we’re your brand partners.

Your quality Chinese knitwear manufacturers has experience in brand jumper customized and brand knitwear development.

Women’s Jumper / Men’s Jumper / Childrens Jumper / Christmas Jumper / knitwear Mittens / Knitwear Scarf / Knitwear Sock / Knitwear Hoodies / Knitwear T-Shirts / Knitwear Beanies / Knitwear Pet Jumper / Sacs tricotés

  • With our custom jumper service. In 2023, we will customize jumpers for 200+ jumper brands.

From sketching and design to pattern making, yarn selection, sample making, accessories and packaging/shipping, we handle the entire manufacturing process. While providing diversified and high-quality jumper products, Dgjiayan knitwear manufacturers are constantly adapting to market changes and maintaining their competitiveness in the knitwear industry through innovation and sustainable development.

We believe that every jumper has its own unique vitality and can convey warmth, comfort and positive energy.

dgjiayan jumper Manufacturers

best One-Stop Custom knitwear manufacturers

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Jumper Design Tech Packs

Save design costs and turn your ideas into products.

The uncle in the jumper maker factory is carefully checking the details of the jumper.

30+ years jumper OEM&ODM experience

Satisfy needs from brands of all jumper styles

Jumper maker dgjiayan quality team inspects every jumper from every customer

Quality Assurance For Each piece Jumper

Ensure high quality, you can focus on selling.

Woman's hands are ironing sweater with steam lron in sweater factory

final accessories, ironing, individual packaging & labeling

Save you more time! Create your brand quickly.

Become the Most Recognized knitwear manufacturers in the AU

Dgjiayan knitwear manufacturers are able to compete with the leading brands in the knitwear industry without sacrificing yarn quality. our design team combines creative thinking with exquisite knitting craftsmanship to create sweaters that are both beautiful and functional. We pay attention to every detail, from design sketch to finished product, pouring our hard work and passion into every step.


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What Are Custom knitwear manufacturers?

Custom knitwear manufacturers are those companies that specialise in providing customised services for personalised jumpers. They design and manufacture jumpers according to the specific needs and preferences of their customers Designing jumpers according to the personalised requirements of their customers, including the selection of specific colours, patterns, styles, sizes and materials. They provide flexibility in production according to the customer’s needs, whether they are customised in small quantities or single pieces.

While making custom jumper may not seem cost-effective, many benefits can make them more attractive. This includes designing a sweater to suit your brand or style, choosing fabrics and colors, and even specifying the craftsmanship you want (such as jacquard or intarsia).

When choosing a custom knitwear manufacturers, customers should choose based on their needs and expectations to determine whether custom knitted garment services are suitable for their needs.

The Process Of Custom knitwear manufacturers

There are about thirteen steps to make a custom jumper from receipt order. Within each small step there are several different steps. An excellent custom knitwear manufacturers will always take the most efficient and easiest steps for the customer.

The entire custom jumper process requires good communication and transparency to ensure that customers’ customization needs are met. In addition, the reputation and experience of the manufacturer are also important factors to consider when choosing a partner.


The most important thing about the entire custom jumper process is good communication and transparency to ensure that customers’ customized needs are met. In addition, the reputation and experience of the manufacturer are also important factors to consider when choosing a partner.

Whether you want to design a custom sweater for yourself or your brand, choosing the right custom knitwear manufacturers can make a huge difference in the quality and success of your product.

5 best custom knitwear manufacturers in the AU.

1. Elegant Knitting

This is a Sydney knitwear & jumper company founded in 1952. Not only producing company uniforms, school uniforms, industrial workwear or custom designs, their product range covers all knitwear services and accessories.

Contact: (02) 4732 2491

2. Interknit

lnterknit is an old knitting factory located in HUMFFRAY. It was founded in 1939 and has 85 years of knitting manufacturing experience. Used in premium production processes and craftsmanship, such as premium wool or cashmere, these materials are not only comfortable, but also durable.

Contact: sales@inter

3. dgjiayan

dgjiayan provides high-quality customized services and choices to customers around the world. They offer customization in almost all types of yarns, styles and techniques. The company ships to customers worldwide and provides AU customers with the high standards of personalization, comfort and quality they require. Their design team combines creative thinking with exquisite knitting craftsmanship to create knitwear and knitted jumpers that are both beautiful and practical.



4. sweatersaustralia

sweatersaustralia is a knitwear service manufacturer located in Melbourne. They have a wide range of sweaters & knitwear styles and produce a variety of Australian wool sweaters and wool sweaters. They stock a wide range of Australian and New Zealand made knitwear, a bespoke shopping destination for fashionable knitwear.


5. ings Knitwear

ings Knitwear It is a knitwear manufacturer established in 1990, providing the highest quality, careful and precise manufacturing for famous different brands. From school sweaters to corporate wear to stylish cardigans and jumpers. Provide dedicated resources for knitwear apparel to help them establish their brand image in different types of knitwear apparel.

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