How is the wool sweater or cashmere sweater made and who is the right wool sweater manufacturers?

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6 steps wool knitwear production process for custom wool sweater.

1,wool yarn-inspection

—–check the wool yarn eveness and suitable for knitting machine use or not

check the yarn quality strength,color fastness,size as well as other merino wool yarn specs.

2,Make the custom wool sweater design with computer designing software.

——-make the digital design for the merino wool sweater needed.

normally the design or photo is provided by customer,the designer need to transfer it into digital file that the works with the computer flat machine.

3,piece sewing

——-each fabric piece is finished knitting one by one.

the workers from the cashmere sweater manufacturers will put the front wool knitwear piece and the back wool knitwear piece together to make a complete ready merino wool sweater.

4,button stitiching

——if it is a merino cardigan, then need a process of button stitching.

5,Ironing, washing,anti-shrinking finish

——after the wool jumper done, the wool sweater manufacturers will arrange Ironing, washing and anti-shrinking finish jobs to make sure the quality meet the uniform sweater requirement.

6 inspection and packing.

———-last step is the quality checking by the QC department from the wool sweater manufacturers. each wool sweater or cashmere sweater need get signed approval with the responsible QC workers before being packed into the cartons.

Sweater Manufacturer

Why JiaYan is a reliable wool sweater manufacturer or cashmere sweater factory for your choice?

 If you want to custom made sweaters or design your own sweater,which custom knit sweater manufacturer or custom knit sweaters manufacturer could do OEM job for you?

———–there is a lot of wool sweater manufacturers or cashmere sweater manufacturers in the world. But the best and the most professional cashmere sweater manufacturers locate in China.

Since the cashmere sweater factory or cashmere sweater mill need a lot of merino wool yarn and cashmere yarns for computer knitting machine working with, the wool sweater manufacturers need buy a lot of merino wool yarn from China.

More and more cashmere sweater manufacturers or wool knitwear factory just set up in China directly due to easy raw material sourcing reason as well as design convenience purpose. Jiayan China is professional cashmere sweater manufacturer or cashmere sweater factory who is good at making merino wool sweater, merino cardigan, alpaca wool sweater, cashmere sweater as well as other uniform wool sweaters. Jiayan could help you make personalized sweater as you want. Jiayan makes a lot of custom logo sweaters order for clients all over world. Custom embroidered sweaters and custom printed sweaters service are both available.

As one of professional wool sweater manufacturers especially a custom sweater manufacturer, Jiayan could custom make the uniform sweaters like police uniform,sweaters,law enforcement sweater,police commando sweater, school uniform sweater,nave blue sweater for school,mitary wool sweater or army wool sweater and etc.

Jiayan has its own R&D department who can custom make any design the customer provides.That is why unitex is one of reliable wool sweater suppliers or sweater design maker for customers to establish a long term business relationship with. It is a custom sweater manufacturer online also who you can place the uniform sweaters orders with. Besides it is one of the wool sweater manufacturers, Jiayan is also one of the best wool sweater suppliers who wholesale cashmere sweaters, wholesale wool sweaters, wholesale school uniform sweater for the surplus wool sweaters.

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