How to find a high end sweater factory for cooperation

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How to find a high end sweater factory for cooperation

How to find a high end sweater factory to cooperate?

The following article may help you if you prepare to find a high-quality sweater factory.

Acquisition of factory information

  1.  Introduced by friends in the garment industry. Let your friends who are in this industry or relevant professionals introduce several factories. They will match several factories to you according to their basic understanding of your demands. As there is a certain credit endorsement in the early stage of this cooperation mode, the cooperation could be smooth and effective.
  2. Getting information on the exhibition: There are many textile industry exhibitions held in the world every year. If you want to do sweater business, you can go to the exhibition in France or Shanghai to obtain the information with the factory face to face. Also you can find out whether the quality matches by their samples. It has become more and more difficult for the exhibition to obtain customers and less high-quality factory to participate in the exhibition in recent years, but it is still a good choice.
  3. Find precision factories through Google search: If you are just beginning to involve the category of sweaters and the order quantity is small, you don’t need to spend too much energy on the exhibition. You can search relevant factory information through Google. You can obtain email and corresponding information through the factory website and contact with factory by e-mail.
  4. You can get the information about high-quality factory from other social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and etc.

Choose factory

In the last article, we analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of factories in different regions in China, combined with our own situation. We need to find more factory’s information, and compare it from website information or other channel information. Find a suitable factory accordingly.


If it is possible you can visit the factory and have a preliminary communication with the person in charge and technicians of the factory. Because every customer cares about different details and communication face to face is the most direct and effective method. You can understand the history of factory, brands produced for, production capacity, negotiate the delivery lead time, payment terms and etc. Contact the factory by email, make an appointment for the visit date, and negotiate the route, visit date, hotel and other information with the factory. They will cooperate as Chinese are very hospitable. Due to the epidemic situation in the past two years, this visits plan may have to postpone.

First cooperation

Customers and factories need initial cooperation. Designers, buyers, factory merchandisers and other related personnel need work with each other. Communication with Europe and America could be by e-mail. Japanese customers can set up Wechat groups and e-mail as a means of assistance.

The first sample tech pack must be clear. Yarns, gauge, design drawing, measurements, if there is reference sample, it’s more convenient. After receiving the tech packs, the factory merchandiser should first check it clearly and be able to understand the design concept of customers. Raising up points or questions if there is confusing parts. After checking with clients and make things clear then send the tech file to the technical department. Reduce samples rework due to communication misunderstanding.

Clients need to feedback in time when receive sample. It is normal for the initial sample to be modified several times for the first cooperation. After several cooperation, samples are usually produced successfully at one time.

Long term cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results

Clients need to let the factories know their strength. These high-quality factories are willing to cooperate with us if order quantity is large and reasonable price. If client’s order quantity is less and need fast deliver, client also need to explain to the factory that you want to do it in this industry for a long time and you have the ability to make more orders. In this case, the factory will cooperate even if your order is less.

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