How to find a professional sweater manufacturer in China

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China has been a significant player in the global sweater and sweater industry for almost two decades. As part of being a member of the World Trade Organization, Chinese sweater  production and sales have improved significantly, primarily due to increased western industry. With more than 100,000 suppliers, the Chinese textile industry is large and employing more than 10 million people.So it is also a knowledge to find a professional sweater manufacturer among many manufacturers.

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001 // Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way to meet many suppliers in a single day. You may opt to go individually from one producer to another, peer at the results of their progress, and negotiate your plans. Industrial meetings are relevant so you can verify the consistency of the cloth.

002// Online B2B marketplace

You can also find sweater manufacturer on Chinese web portals. Three of the most popular sweater manufacturers in China are: 

  • Alibaba
  • Global Source 
  • Made in China

003 // Select sweater manufacturer in China from Linkedin, etc.

Social media is among the best places to locate a manufacturer of sweater. It’s binding you to millions around the world. Many sweater manufacturers promote on multiple social media sites. Facebook Company Groups were still another perfect way to reach out to multiple suppliers.


Several Chinese wholesale fabric producers and distributors post about their company file or personal online introductions, such as Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, etc. You may also target some of the best Chinese sweater manufacturers there.

Through the several ways introduced above, I believe we can all find a more professional sweater manufacturer. Then I will introduce to you what conditions a professional sweater manufacturer needs to have.


first capacity

  • Large production capacity can ensure that your goods can be completed in time

second technology

  • Good technology can ensure that the manufacturer can complete your design perfectly

The third BSCI certification and import and export rights

  • The BSCI audit is one of the most widely used social auditing procedures in the world. It provides a globally recognized way to assess responsible supply chain activities, including labor rights, health and safety, the environment and business ethics.
  • Possessing BSCI certification and import and export capabilities greatly ensure that our orders can be successfully completed

Final thoughts on Manufacturing SWEATER in China

There is an explanation that nearly everything we purchase nowadays has the “Made in China” tag; the Chinese have been specialists in manufacturing goods quickly and time management. The same applies in the fashion market when it comes to the manufacture of sweater. Once a hub for fast-fashion and value-added retail production, production costs turn China into a hub for high-quality sweater and sweater manufacturing. Chinese sweater producers have three aspects that cause them to step out in contrast to the rest of the globe: the opportunity to take on mass orders, short lead times and manufacturing times, and the ability to do trade comfortably with companies in every region of the world. We believe you’ve discovered a useful guide to discovering the right sweater manufacturer in China. If you have any concerns, please let us know in the comments section below.

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