Intarsia Sweater​ – Custom Branded Sweater

intarsia sweater
Intarsia knitting out of the pattern, as if with the clothing as one, showing a natural clean effect, the integrity of the stronger, through the combination of colors to express the different styles of clothing.

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intarsia sweater craft

When choosing different sweaters & knitwear, I wonder if you have noticed the difference between the patterns on sweaters or knitwear and T-shirts.

Some of the patterns on sweater knitwear feel bumpy and textured to the touch, and some of the patterns seem to blend in with the garment. and the pattern on the cotton t-shirt has a slippery touch to the touch.This is because of the difference in their production processes, which present different effects. How do we realize our design patterns on garments? There are four main types of processes commonly used, namely jacquard, appliqué, printing and embroidery.


intarsia sweater

Dog, animal intarsia sweater

The difference between jacquard and Intarsia is that jacquard is knitted with weft knitting by selecting needles, adjusting threads, moving loops and other techniques, so that the knitted pattern has a concave convex sense of hierarchy and is thicker, requiring double knitting. And Intarsia is in the yarn knitting, the same color yarn knitting finished a color block, in the longitudinal direction by more than one color block splicing out of the pattern.

How to choose between Jacquard and intarsia?

Intarsia knitting out of the pattern, as if integrated with the garment, presents a natural and clean effect, stronger integrity, through the combination of colors each other to express different styles of clothing. Jacquard is a mixture of different colors of yarn, can design a richer pattern style, more natural pattern, the production process will be slightly more complex, more expensive yarn.


From a level perspective, jacquard is double-layered, with a bottom layer and a surface layer. The surface layer is raised and raised, so it is called jacquard. The intarsia is a single layer, and the horizontal arrangement is a single layer structure.


In terms of color, we need to weave a jacquard in three colors: red, yellow, and black. In the same knitting row, the three threads need to participate in the weaving at the same time, but according to the needs, any color is brought to the surface during weaving to form a pattern. As for intarsia, the same three colors are red, yellow and black. When the pattern requires one color, the other two colors are not involved in the weaving. In the same row, only a handful of sand spits drive a color weave. When changing colors, another sand spit brings another color over for weaving. Therefore, in the jacquard structure, if several colors appear in the same row at the same time, several incoming threads will be woven at the same time. Not required for intarsia.

jacquard craftsmanship process

Press the white thread underneath and the black thread floats on top to create a jacquard effect. Intarsia has no crimping underneath.

Princess Diana Sweater-Custom Women's Sweaters.Wool crewneck sweater, made with love from the highest quality yarns.Source Factory,Support for customization.
jacquard sweater

Spun from cashmere yarn, this jacquard-knit sweater was the first red wool sweater worn by Princess Diana at a polo match in 1980.

Bespoke Harry Style Cardigan-Block Women Patchwork Cardigan-Sweater Supplier.Technology:bespoke Harry Style cardigan Made of Hand-crocheted.freight free
handmade patchwork cardigan

bespoke Harry Style cardigan Made of Hand-crocheted.

elk jacquard Christmas sweater
Elk Jacquard Christmas Sweater

Women’s Elk jacquard Christmas sweater Made of soft and cozy 100% Cotton, Machine Washable

color block letter slogan intarsia sweater
Color block letter slogan intarsia sweater

Weaving a letter slogan sweater with “intarsia” technology, choose the best manufacturer for your sweater brand

Garfield cartoon intarsia pullover sweater

Garfield Children’s Stick-Stitch Cartoon Pattern Intarsia Pullover Sweater

Colorblock zip-detailed intarsia sweater
Colorblock zip-detailed intarsia sweater

This intarsia knit sweater features a zip and a tri-color red, white and black design for serious color that pairs perfectly with your favorite slacks.

Taylor Swift Folklore Cardigan-Wholesale Sweater.Cream cable knit cardigan with 3 black matte buttons on the front. 100 cotton material, soft to the touch.
cable knit patch embroidery cardigan sweater

cream cable knit cardigan with black matte buttons, dark gray trim, light gray star embroidery on both arms, and light gray album title patch on left chest with a dark grey font.

Rainbow Woman Knitted Cardigan-Color Block Sweater

This Rainbow Woman knitted Cardigan an inspiration from Harry’s rainbow handmade cardigan.

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