Sweater Factory in China

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LOCATION: China, Dongguan, Dalang

Our exquisite Sweater is the result of meticulous craftsmanship at this factory. A family owned business, this facility specializes in producing sweater of the highest quality, offering a diverse range for men’s, women’s, and children’s sweater. Devoted to innovation, the factory continually invests in cutting-edge production techniques while prioritizing energy efficiency. A tour of our sweater factory allows you to observe the entire sweater-making process, from the precision of machine sewing to the exquisite handcrafted details. It seamlessly blends the mechanized efficiency and custom craftsmanship required for complex elements.

Sweater custom process

Sweaters factory - sweater manufacturer - dgjiayan

Knitting Machines

It can knit basic knitted structures, multi-color random jacquards, intarsia (intarsia fabric, cable knit, perforated) and other weft knitted structures.

Linking machine

Linking is an important part of sweater processing. We’ll provide you with the best stitching for your sweater, covering every seam and every hem.

Linking machine

Our Advantage

Capable of 1.5gg to 16gg knit sweater production



Specialized in technique of Intarsia, Jacquard, Embroidery, Crochet, Print etc and all kinds of knitting stitch


Equipped with knitting machine of Germany STOLL & Japan SHIMA & Chinese CIXING

Provide yarns

Focused on using luxury and finest Italian & local yarns of Cashmere, Wool, Mohair, Alpaca, Silk, Cotton etc. and its blends.

no minimum

No minimum order, no quality compromise. Each sweater undergoes stringent QC to ensure individual pieces meet high standards.

Custom your sweater brand

Enhance your brand style, show off your fashion, and experience custom sweaters without any restrictions. Your fashion journey begins with [your brand name].

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