The Difference Between Cashmere And Wool

The Difference Between Cashmere And Wool

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The Difference Between Cashmere And Wool

Have you ever thought about the difference between a woolen sweater and a cashmere sweater? Why are cashmere coats more expensive? What is the difference between cashmere and wool? Take a look at the following group of comics!

The Difference Between Cashmere And Wool

So cashmere and wool come from different kinds of animals, wool from sheep, cashmere from goats. Wool collection is like a haircut. The whole body is shaved with scissors. Each sheep can produce several kilograms of wool every year; Although the collection of cashmere uses a special iron comb to loosen the hair, each sheep can only harvest dozens of grams a year. Using a microscope, we can clearly see their differences: the diameter of cashmere material is 14 to 16 microns, which is much thinner than wool; Cashmere is 1.5 to 2 times warmer than wool and feels smoother. If the cashmere sweater is wrinkled, hang it all night and it will become flat and tidy. In addition, wool mainly comes from the southern hemisphere, such as Australia, while cashmere mainly comes from the northern hemisphere. China’s cashmere output accounts for 50%-60% of the world’s output. Many high-end Italian cashmere yarn spinning factories use raw materials from Inner Mongolia, China. Cashmere can only be collected once in early spring, accounting for only 0.2% of the world’s animal fiber output.

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