The ultimate guide to finding a sweater manufacturer in China

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Are you looking for a sweater manufacturerfor your business? Are you considering importing goods from China? Whether you are a professional salesperson or a novice in the field, you will find useful information in this article, which will save you a lot of time and money.

Not all sweater manufacturers are right for you. By randomly selecting suppliers online without verifying that they can meet your quality requirements, you are likely to get stuck. The following are the main factors you need to consider when choosing the best sweater manufacturer.

Standard Best Sweater Manufacturer in China

The vitality of China’s textile industry means that you can find sweater suppliers in all cities in China. The industry is very deep, providing more and more innovative fabrics and styles. Here are some tips to guide you to find the best.

Sweater factory sewing tray

Product Range

All suppliers focus on materials. If you are considering importing ethically sourced cashmere knitwear, you should specifically look for manufacturers of ethically sourced cashmere knitwear. Rather than just looking for sweater manufacturers. This will narrow the scope of your purchases and save purchase time.

This also applies to printing technology and other technical requirements. For example, if you plan to purchase screen-printed sweaters, you must only choose manufacturers that can provide screen-printed sweaters.

Minimum order quantity

All sweater manufacturers have MOQ requirements. For example, if the supplier’s MOQ is set to 500 pieces, you must purchase at least 500 pieces. Otherwise, they cannot accept your order. The minimum order for general knitwear manufacturers is usually 200-500 pieces. In addition, if a specific Pantone custom color is required, it often has a higher MOQ.

The expertise of your sweater manufacturer

When choosing a sweater manufacturer in China, the most important thing is their ability and experience to make the product you intend to buy. When you browse the Internet for a few minutes, you will find a wide variety of products from many vendors (usually registered as manufacturers).
Half of the sweater suppliers sell more than just knitwear products, they are in order to expand their sales range. Such suppliers are often very small trading companies, lacking product knowledge and long-term planning. Therefore, choose a reputable professional supplier that only focuses on a specific product category. Such suppliers tend to be more professional.

Major export markets for sweater manufacturers

A reliable China supplier is not necessarily a manufacturer mainly exporting to the United States, Canada, Europe, and South Korea. Some suppliers will also choose some developed markets. That said, the share of exports to more developed markets remains a major selection criterion, even for buyers in emerging markets like India or Nigeria.

Manufacturers that are primarily focused on developed markets tend to maintain fairly high-quality standards. They also ensure that defect rates are kept as low as possible and comply with applicable safety standards in target markets.

Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)

In addition, the sweater manufacturers who can provide BSCI are the ones you should put on your list of priority suppliers. BSCI are organizations that regularly perform social compliance audits in factories around the world. For example, BSCI generates reports on the following topics:

  • Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
  • Fair remuneration
  • Health and security at work
  • Additional protection for young workers
  • No forced labor
  • Corporate ethical behavior
  • Working hours are dense
  • No child labor
  • There is no precarious job
  • Environmental protection

Knitted factory that have been audited by BSCI tend to be better managed than factories that do not have such audit reports. Therefore, audit reports from BSCI are one of the main selection criteria used when selecting knitted factory in China.

school uniform sweaters manufacturer

Order price

Price is important, but only if it is linked to a product that meets the applicable safety standards in your country. Therefore, it is a waste of time to negotiate with manufacturers that do not meet the product quality standards in your country.

A lower price is not necessarily a good start. Many suppliers intentionally offer low prices to attract buyers’ attention, intending to raise prices shortly before placing orders. at this point, it is too late for most importers to refuse and find new suppliers. or use cheap and poor quality fabric for production. So, do you still think that a lower price than the market would be a good start? In addition to price, what we have to consider is the integrity and quality of the supplier.

Extra service

The design of the product should always be adapted to the manufacturer’s production capacity, including size, material and technology. It is essential that honest sweater manufacturers can tell you what they can and cannot do before working with you. Therefore, suppliers who focus on additional services will go further. Ability to provide design support for its customers, including helping to design product logos, packaging bags, etc.

In addition, we also need to understand the scale of the factory, production capacity and other issues.

jiayan sweater manufacturer

jiayan sweater manufacturer is considered to be one of the biggest sweater manufacturers in China. We produce sweater for men, women, and children in several styles and we can provide products and services like sweater design, pattern design, embroidery and printing. Label and the final packaging.

Especially, jiayan sweater manufacturer a wide range of women’s knitted products including: pullovers, knitted scarves, Beanies, ponchos, knitted skirts, knitted cardigans, knitted pants, knitted jackets, knitted T-shirts, etc.
We work in a modern knitting factory, which is equipped with top equipment. The factory also complies with BSCI certification. Our minimum order quantity is 200 pieces. Contact jiayan sweater manufacturer now to bring your idea or design to life!

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