What are the advantages of jiayan sweater manufacturer over its peers?

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What is the jiayan sweater manufacturer?

China is the country with the highest number of textile exports, so it is conceivable that there must be thousands of sweater manufacturers in China. Maybe you want to know, why should I choose Jiayan sweater manufacturer? Compared with other factories, what are the advantages of Jiayan sweater manufacturer?

jiayan specializes in the production of 1.5gg-16gg knitwear, focus on organic cotton, Merino wool, ethically sourced cashmere, traceable viscose, Antibacterial yarn. It can meet customers’ any customized needs.

jiayan sweater manufacturer has a very professional technician team which is vertically integrated with our manufacturing process, from computer machine knitting / intarsia machine knitting, panel inspection, linking, hand stitching, light inspection, washing, drying, pressing, QC inspection, needle detecting to packing.

Advantages of Jiayan sweater manufacturer:

  • jiayan sweater manufacturer has BSCI certification and attaches great importance to social. responsibility.
  • jiayan sweater manufacturers pursue the highest quality under the premise of ethical procurement.
  • Our factory has more than 20 years of knitting experience. And have served many brands, such as SHEIN, H&M, etc.
  • Our factory has exquisite experiences in sweater/knitwear workmanship, such as intarsia, jacquard, hand embroidery, crochet, tie-dye printing, digital printing, etc.
  • Our factory can accept small orders to meet the needs of the Japanese market. Accept high-end cashmere knitwear customization to meet the needs of the high-end market.
  • Our factory regularly checks the knitting machines every day to ensure a stable daily output.
  • Our factory is a united family. Cleaning is done every day to maintain a clean and bright office environment.
  • Our factory has two experienced designers who have won the first prize in the designer competition. They have the latest design concepts to help the brand develop.
  • The workers in our factory tend to be younger, and the average age of the workers is 35 years old. And have an excellent foreign trade team, When communicating with clients, they have always been recognized efficient, good understanding and communication.

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