What is recycled viscose fabric?

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The fashion industry is considered to be the second-largest source of pollution in the world after the petroleum industry. According to statistics, every second a truckload of waste clothing is burned or landfilled. The development of circular economy and the promotion of sustainable social development have become the consensus of the world. As an important part of sustainable development, the comprehensive utilization of waste textiles has important practical significance and far-reaching social significance. The Jiayan sweater manufacturer uses regenerated cellulose and always adheres to the concept of parallel fashion and environmental protection. It uses recycled raw materials to produce regenerated viscose fabrics and contributes to recycling and sustainable fashion.

The recycled viscose fabric used by the Jiayan sweater manufacturer is produced with 20% pre-consumer textile waste and 80% virgin wood pulp as raw materials and has obtained RCS (Recycling Declaration Standard) certification. Recycled viscose fabrics have similar textile properties to ordinary viscose fibers. However, compared with wood pulp made of 20% waste textiles, completely virgin wood pulp will greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and 80% virgin wood pulp can also be used. Sustainable forestry resources reduce water consumption during the production process and reduce the net emission of greenhouse gases. The recycled viscose fabric used by the Jiayan sweater manufacturer scored 26.5 points in the well-known report in 2019, ranking first, and the green attribute is extraordinary.

The recycled viscose fabric used by the Jiayan sweater manufacturer has a complete traceability system: a unique molecular tracer embedded in the fiber, which can test and authenticate the fiber at any stage of the supply chain, provide a certification certificate, and provide a tag for the final consumer product; Blockchain technology guarantees the traceability of the supply chain, and thus drives the sustainable development of the entire industry chain, allowing consumers to know and actively participate in contributing to environmental protection.

The investment in recycled textile materials is the promise of recycled viscose fabrics to realize the circular economy. The recycled viscose fabrics used by Jiayan sweater manufacturers are the practical results of fulfilling this promise. The Jiayan sweater manufacturer will continue to practice the green concept of parallel fashion and environmental protection.

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