What Is The Production Process Of Woolen OEM Processing?

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We all know that a piece of clothing just bought will have a tag on it, and these tags are printed with the brand, workmanship, etc. of the clothing. Then the woolen OEM we are talking about today is that the brand or trademark of the clothing belongs to someone else. After authorization, it is processed, but the owner of various rights and interests such as the trademark still belongs to the other party. So what is the production process of woolen OEM processing?

  1. The first thing to do is to send the clothes designed by our designers to the brand owners for selection, which is the so-called order fair. For which models the brand has placed an order, the courier from the supplier will send back the samples of the ordering meeting to the brand. Usually, the supplier will print two pieces, and then the brand will send back one as a sample. For reference, brands usually leave one piece as a base.
  2. After the sample clothes are sent back to the order meeting, we will start to order fabrics. When ordering fabrics, we must first calculate the amount, how much is used for one piece, plus 5% of the loss, usually according to the size of the order quantity, and the loss of a small quantity should be increase. To be according to different types of clothing. Then order the accessories, usually Dalang wool weaving is processed and OEM, the brand company will provide the designated supplier to the processing factory, then we can go to the designated supplier to order the accessories we need.
  3. During the production process, the progress of the factory and other production problems should be reported to the brand owner every week. During the production process, the brand chamber of commerce will have QC to the factory to supervise the quality. After the large-scale production is completed, the processing factory will deliver the goods to the warehouse designated by the brand owner.

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