Where to Buy Cashmere sweaters that are ethically sourced?

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Cashmere. One of the rarest and most luxurious fibers in the world. This exceptionally silky material is said to be three times that of wool, and it is durable. But how important is it to ethically purchase cashmere nowadays? How to grade cashmere? jiayan sweater manufacturers will express in this article.

The importance of ethical cashmere

Due to the scarcity of cashmere (it takes four goats to produce enough wool to make a sweater), cashmere was initially expensive. This is something you invest in and pass on to your children and grandchildren, and over time, the fabric will become softer. But now, with the emergence of fast fashion, it is easy to find cashmere hats, scarves and crew neck shirts at very competitive prices. Goats were the first to pay for cheap production. Since they have very little fat, cutting them off too early in the middle of winter means they may freeze to death.

At the same time, The grasslands of the Asian regions where the goats roam are also suffering. The increase in demand for cashmere came with the pressure to lower cost, and so a decrease in the price of the raw material. Herders now need more goats to produce the same amount of material. More goats mean more mouths to feed and overpopulation is killing these lands: once green and unspoilt, these regions are quickly becoming deserts. This does not only affect these specific regions but creates an ecological imbalance for the planet.


The importance of sustainable cashmere

When buying something as precious as a cashmere sweater, it is always important to understand its source and production methods. Our factory is very proud of our cashmere sweaters and the cashmere yarn supply chain we use. From goats to clothing, we all have completely transparent information. With the increasing demand for cashmere products in recent years, it is very important to understand the impact of purchasing cashmere products. The cheaper cashmere is, the more likely it is that it is not farmed in a sustainable or ethical manner.
Our factory cooperates with a reputable cashmere yarn supplier, and we have been purchasing cashmere yarn from this supplier for more than 15 years. Different from some cashmere brands, we only purchase the yarn used to make cashmere sweaters, and then the factory produces them into cashmere sweaters. We will only use sources that are committed to providing sustainable, traceable yarns of the highest quality.

How are cashmere yarns graded?

How do we know which ones are good cashmere and which ones are not? Usually the most intuitive thing is to look at the price. If the price is cheap, it is basically certain that it has not been farmed using ethical or sustainable methods. Another way of judging is softness. The quality of cashmere is always judged by the fineness of the hair. The best cashmere yarn is Grade A, the longest and thinnest is also the best. The fiber diameter ranges from 14 to 15.5 microns.

jiayan cashmere sweater manufacturer Only Use Grade A

B-grade cashmere yarn is usually thicker than A-grade cashmere yarn, with a diameter of about 19 microns. But grade B cashmere yarn is still a luxurious fiber, but it feels not as soft and delicate as grade A cashmere yarn, and the cost is relatively low. Grade C is the lowest quality among cashmere yarns. It is very thick, about twice the thickness of Class A. The C-grade fabric has a diameter of about 30 microns, which is the cheapest. This will feel soft, but not as soft as the A grade.

You will not see the grade of these cashmere yarns on the label of the sweater, so you can only judge by the feel and softness of the cashmere sweater. From the price point of view, the more you pay, the better the quality. Most of our customers come back year after year to buy our cashmere sweaters, because they know it is the best quality, and the jiayan cashmere sweater manufacturer is not a one-time fashion.

Jiayan cashmere sweater manufacturer's philosophy

We always seek to manufacture high-quality, durable sweaters. We believe this will increase the service life of sweaters. With 30 years of experience, we only provide the highest grade of ethically sourced cashmere. jiayan only produce cashmere sweaters that customers need, and accept custom-made cashmere sweaters with any pattern.

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