Why does the quality of linking process determine the high quality of the knit sweater?

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Why does the quality of linking process determine the high quality of the knit sweater?

We need to consider variety of factors when we review a knit sweater’s quality. But linking is the most important factor, it can reflect the workmanship is fine or not. It plays an important role in the quality of the knits sweaters.

The process of linking: linking the panel edges, then shoulder, armhole, sleeves and then plackets, collar and pockets, etc.

The following details will affect the quality of linking

check if it has linking holes, or linking lines unevenness.

It can’t link if the knitting panel edge is broken, it must be repaired first. Many unqualified factories make the linking with the broken panels resulting the linking line is not straight, in this way, the sweater is not beautiful.

The linking yarns: If the linking yarn is matching to the body? It is body yarn for linking or alternative yarn but matching color for linking. It is strict with using alternative yarn. As the color may be different after washing though the colors are matching before washing. So factory needs to linking a swatch to see the effect.

The elastic of the linking yarn: As knit sweater has good elasticity when wearing. So if the linking yarn is no stretch, it will be easy to thread breakage. It will be poor looks.

If link a very long panel such as placket, need to mark several points at the panels, to make sure the left and right panels are aligned perfectly. The fashioning marks should be aligned perfectly as well when linking.

Shoulder asymmetry, we usually fix the shoulder shape by shoulder band (nylon, cotton, transparent or full needle). The length of band will influence the measurement of shoulder.

If neckline is not smooth, one is caused by technique data, the other is caused by linking. As the hands is not the same act when link the right and left sides.

Neckline seam could not be tight as it may be not through head. Pay attention to the middle of the neckline. It must be in the middle and straight. Double layer collar can’t have big seam allowance or have yarns ends inside it. Usually men ’s knitwear is 12.5 inch and lady’s knitwear is 12 inch for neckline stretch.

Pay attention to the sweater open needles should be matching to the collar or placket’s open needles. If it is different, should notify to the technician. All the trims like collars, plackets, pockets or hoodies should be linked after ironing to the correct measurements.

It looks more symmetric to add one more end of knitting yarn, such as add lyrca to make the seams more elastic.

It will be poor looks if the pattern is not symmetric. So need to check the print if matching before linking.

Usually 7gg knit panels needs 10gg linking machine, 16gg panels need 20gg machine, 18gg needs 24gg machine. To make knitwear more beautiful, we usually make 12gg knitwear on 16gg linking machine for panels and 18gg linking machine for all the trims such as collars, plackets, pockets etc. We use 2 to 3 kinds of linking machie to make just one garment, this will make the knitwear higher end.

In summary, the linking process define the poor quality or high end quality of knitwear.

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