Why is jiayan a reliable cashmere knitwear manufacturer?

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About Jiayan Cashmere Knitwear Manufacturer

Jiayan is one of the best cashmere knitwear manufacturers and suppliers in China, specializing in cashmere sweaters and cashmere knitwear. The main products of Jiayan’s cashmere series include 100% cashmere sweaters (ethically sourced cashmere), cashmere poncho, cashmere scarves, cashmere gloves, cashmere beanies, etc.

Jiayan produces all cashmere knitwear. 100% cashmere, or cashmere and wool blend, cashmere and cotton blended, and other different materials. The finer the cashmere fiber, the higher the grade of cashmere. Jiayan produces cashmere knitwear with different weights, from 150gsm to 500gsm.


About ethically sourced cashmere

Cashmere is named after Kashmir, the now disputed territory between India and Pakistan, and traditional producer of famous pashmina scarves. But Kashmir goats have traditionally been raised across Central and Northern Asia, including in Tibet and Nepal. The largest producers (in order) are China, Mongolia, Iran, and Afghanistan. It’s the second highest-earning export from Mongolia. Each sweater requires about four goats to produce.

We believe that cashmere goats are almost the only thing that can be removed without harming animals. The goats have little fat and can protect them from cold, dry plains in winter, so they form soft hair like fibers under the coat and in the abdomen. It is these hairs that make cashmere.
When the temperature rises, the goat naturally takes off its fur. At that time, the manufacturers sorted the fine hair, sorted them by hand, sent them to the facilities for cleaning, refining, packaging and shipping to Europe, where they were sold to the company.

However, with the consumption of fast fashion. Cashmere beanies, scarves, and sweaters are easy to find at competitive prices. The demand for cashmere has increased, and herdsmen now need more goats to produce the same amount of materials. More goats mean more mouths to feed, and too many goats are killing the land: once it’s green and unspoiled, these areas will soon become deserts. This will not only affect these specific areas but also cause ecological imbalance for the earth.

Nowadays, global warming is everyone’s biggest concern. We should recognize the destructive impact of cashmere production on the earth. Ethical purchasing and sustainable purchasing cashmere are the things we must do now. Jiayan cashmere knitwear manufacturers use ethically sourced cashmere, and we have standard 100 by Oeko-Tex ® authentication.

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX ® It is one of the most famous testing labels for harmful substances in textiles in the world. It represents the confidence of customers and a high degree of product safety.

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Why is Jiayan the most suitable partner for you among Chinese cashmere knitwear manufacturers?

Jiayan has its own stable cooperative cashmere fabric factory and its own cashmere knitwear production workshop. Jiayan has been in the cashmere knitwear industry for 27 years. Jiayan has rich production experience in cashmere sweater, cashmere scarf and cashmere glove.

You can customize any cashmere knitwear of your own size and pattern. Jiayan can make the right knitwear you want.

How to deal with Jiayan cashmere manufacturers?

  • Are you a cashmere knitwear manufacturer?
    A: Yes, we are one of the best cashmere knitwear manufacturers in China, which is used for cashmere knitwear production.Our factory is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China’s largest knitwear production base.
  • If urgent orders are needed, can Jiayan cashmere knitwear manufacturers shorten the delivery time?
    A: Yes, if possible, please contact Jiayan cashmere knitwear manufacturer urgently to check all your details. For urgent orders, the factory can organize the speed method to make the customer’s time plan effective.
  • what is the MOQ of Jiayan cashmere knitwear manufacturer? Can I mix styles?
    A: our normal starting quantity is 200 pieces per style, which also depends on your quality and other requirements.Of course, you can mix styles, but for one style, we have 200 pieces as the starting quantity.
  • what’s the price of your cashmere knitwear? How is your quality compared with other cashmere knitwear manufacturers?
    A: it depends on the type of material, fabric weight, order quantity, size and hemming. When you make an inquiry, please let us know the details of your order. Different grades of cashmere content or different sizes, the cost and price are different.
  • What is the delivery time from the customer’s order?
    A: it takes 7 days to produce the sample. After confirming PPS (pre production sample), the batch production time is about 30 to 50 working days. It also depends on the quantity and style you order.
  • Can we make our logo on cashmere knitwear?
    A: Yes. We can customize your logo completely according to your requirements. We can also customize your label, tag, etc. The color of yarn or stitching method will also be customized according to your structure.
  • How can I place an order?
    A: We need pictures, size, composition, weight, quantity and other information, and then we will quote for you according to your inquiry information. Please contact us for more details

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